Global Gizmo Watch Party Live is here to try and serve your streaming needs since September 2012. Though it was originally known as "PAC-12 Live Streaming", then "PAC-12 Live Streaming and Beyond" via or one of many subdomains of it.

In May 2016, the transformation started taking place as "Global Gizmo Watch Party", addding "Live" for the streaming itself, following back and forth communication via PointGuardU (a once popular AZ Wildcat forum). Then following a rash closing of that site in February 2017, which led into the basketball fiasco, 2 sites formed: Player's Program U, and Beardown Central. Some of the crew helped guide me into where it's at now.

Thus, as a fan of the fans, attempting to provide this service, I've enjoyed the opportunity to provide it, and the learning of various behind the scenes functions like the current streaming site, allowing it to be mobile friendly compared to the other popular free sites out there.

However, over the years, some support has come in from those that have enjoyed the service, but the overall takes a toll, as I've sacrificed some debts to try and keep up on some of the necessary services to operate it. Granted, I don't have the desire to force anyone into paying, but if you can sacrifice a fast food meal once a month, then that's the minimum suggested to help out, as this site is for YOU.

I want to be of help where and when I can, which includes the option to request games and events when not already provided on a feed that is, and will be in place.

As for the chat system, to keep it at little to no cost, while being accessible to mobile devices (iOS/Android etc), hard to find those for use on this website; yet there are plenty of paid options which are out of my reach this time.

I thank you for taking the time to read/skim through this. And hope you still continue to enjoy this service provided.

-Brian GizmoDuck Hartwig
0555 PT 08/07/18

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On 2/21, I came across a website that appears it will let me take this site and turn it into a mobile app for iOS, Android and a few others. With everything else that's perpetually behind, and planned travel on Sunday (2/24), the hope is to have first