By no means, will I force you to support, but if you are truly enjoying this service provided, and can sacrifice a fast food meal once a month, then with enough of you, we can keep this service available.
My basic operating costs are as follows as of 08/09/2018:
  • Streaming Server
    1. $240 / month for Comcast (Gigabit service with unlimited data)
    2. $80 / month for an Xtream Codes server which I can then create IPTV accounts for those interested
    3. $150 / month for restreaming of 50 feeds pending --> Investment to begin 8/15/18
    4. $250 / month for restreaming to include NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, etc pending support interest
  • Web Server
    1. $15 / month for control panel
  • Dish Network
    1. $130 / month (ID/PW under subscription via the forum)
There are other costs I'm not considering at this time (2340 PT), but it's not likely more than another $100 / month.
As I want this to be a hub site for you all as the fans, it's a strong suggestion to help
chip in (donate) to keep this service alive if you are truly interested, as...

Should you find part of this site becomes inaccessible, it's because not enough funds are available in time to pay for one or more of the features, and will be on hold until I get enough over the next pay day or two (weekly) to pay and restore it.

I thank you for taking the time to read/skim through this. And hope you still continue to enjoy this service provided.

-Brian GizmoDuck Hartwig
2344 PT 08/09/18

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On 2/21, I came across a website that appears it will let me take this site and turn it into a mobile app for iOS, Android and a few others. With everything else that's perpetually behind, and planned travel on Sunday (2/24), the hope is to have first